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About master class
MARA academy's intense one-day training.
Mara Academy team have developed an intense course that will help any artist with any level of training to transform your methods from just powder or ombre brows to the most modern AIRY way.

This master class includes theory and practice, so that students do not leave us with bare knowledge, but with ready-made and tested skills.

Suitable for artists and practitioners with tattoo/pmu machine experience.

Get to know the closest date for this Master Class

Training course price

Hours of lectures, demonstrations and practical experiences during the course

The average number of students
Maximum of 3 students per trainer while working on live models!
Blood borne pathogen certification is a must before you start this course.
Every student will be certified as an advanced artist after satisfactory completion of the master class.
Get Equipped
Every student will receive a gift box with professional kit that includes some of our favorite tools for a perfect Airy Brows.
Perfect for ALL artists
Advanced training at MARA opens up permanent makeup techniques for new and advanced PMU artists with the minimum of 3 months machine experience. And taking your work to a whole new level. In this course, you'll learn how to better meet the needs of your clients.
Individual Approach
Small class sizes allow the instructors to spend time with every student, answer any questions, and revisit topics as required.
After the graduation, we are always open to communicative support.
You get unlimited individual support from MARA trainers during the next 6 months after completing the course.
What YOU will learn
Everyday we work hard to make life of our students better and easier
How to perform cosmetic tattooing on brows in a modern pixelated way
How to create perfect shape reaaly fast and not to loose it during the 1st pass
How to Understand different techniques and Choose the right one for every clients' goal
Color Theory and how to pick perfect color every time
Secrets to successful artist's selling portfolio
How to cover up previously tattooed brows and still have them natural looking
"AIRY Brows" Master Class

The total cost is $1650.
A non refundable deposit of $1000 is required.

Please note: if you are unable to attend your class after you've made your deposit, you may transfer your deposit toward a future class date any time up to four weeks prior to your start date.
How it was
ADVANCED master classes start at 9 AM and till 6-7 PM and are held in MARA spacious and bright academy at our Charlotte location
I took pmu fundamentals course at Mara Studio. Anna and her team exceeded all my expectations about the course. Their attention to details is so amazing. Their set up for the classes is so elegant and flawless. They make you feel so comfortable like you at home so the only thing you concentrate on is learning and practicing. The knowledge I got from the course is priceless. Anna is just such an inspiration. She encourage you to do your best. All you have to do is continue practicing your knowledge. I will definetly take more classes with Anna to build my knowledge in a future! Thank you for such an amazing week. Mara's team definetly set you up for success!!! Don't think twice just take a course you would not regret it.
Yelena V. Stephens
Thanks again so much for the lesson last wknd. I've had a chance to work on a few ppl since and I feel so much more confident and equipped to tackle the areas that were once challenging and frustrating to me. I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm as well as your willingness to share what you've learned along your own journey in the field. I hope to see you again soon! Xx Saki
Saki Lee
I loved my experience at MARA! Intense, productive, and interactive learning! Anna and her artists are very hands on, answering any questions without hesitation. I wish the company the best for years to come! I'll be back to visit for sure!
Christina Obilisundar
Anna, I truly enjoyed training with you! Thank you so much for sharing your tips, tricks, and incredible wealth of knowledge with me. I learned so much from you. I feel confident in my ability to perform the lip blush procedure but I also feel inspired and motivated to grow as a business woman in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Grateful for the lessons and the encouragement you shared with me. Last night I opened my books for Lip Blush and I booked all 10 appointments! I am very excited
LeeAnna Lancaster
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