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About MARA Education Online

PMU Webinars & Master Classes from Mara Academy, that are now available from anywhere in the world.

This type of online lectures appeared right now, when we are all on self-isolation and it is important not to lose the most important resource that we have - time.
MARA Online is designed to prepare you for success in fast-growing industry of cosmetic tattooing.

We will share relevant information with you and answer your questions in real time - here and now. And if the difference in time zones or other circumstances did not allow you to join at the specific moment, you can purchase a webinar entry.

And remember, quarantine ends - the experience remains!
About OUR Online
Our platform includes Courses, where you will find many classes in short 10-20 minutes and up to an hour to fully meet your needs, of course we didn't forget about demonstration master classes either, complex tests, quizzes and certificates of completion.

As well as we have Webinars with Anna Bokhan and managers and practitioners of MARA, where you get into one specific topic, that have never been discussed by specialists before.
After educational presentation with a speaker you switch to LIVE Q&A session, where any question will find its answer.
New Programs
For each course, the program is updated by at least 40%, so students get PMU skills that will work today and tomorrow, not yesterday. After each course, we collect feedbacks and evaluate whether it is possible to make lectures and practice on models period more effective.
Individual Approach & Mentoring
Each educational event of MARA Academy forms a separate micro-community. Mara Online is not an exception.
Our team and moderators are available for any of your questions before, during and after the event.We are interested in your best result and use our knowledge to make our students life better.
High Quality
We are well-known for great quality content. Each and every segment of our Online Education consists of good quality video lessons and translations, contains specifically designed presentations and manual workbooks. And don't forget about complicated tests for boosting your knowledge before completing Advanced Certification.
Here, your colleagues, who experienced our Online Education programs, share their feedback
Lina G
Founder of Liluk London
Just finished a 3 hour webinar with Anna from Mara Studio, who shared her experience about her experience about the Micropigmentation needles and so much more! So grateful that I found Anna and team. Guys, if you are into permanent makeup, you must follow them!
PMU Artist at Rean Browshop
I learned so much information in the short time! For feedback: I really appreciate your in depth explanation of why you choose certain needle configurations, lengths texture etc for each scenario. The videos you showed for choosing correct needle length helpful. I think that in-depth information really sets you apart and helps artists have a better understanding of what to use in different scenarios. A lot of the tips you shared in the webinar have never been explained to me before but I do think it is so so inportant. I can see you truly have a passion for what you do which is what makes you an amazing teacher. I'm looking forward to your online course or your next webinar.

I am a big fan and supporter now! So thank you so much again looking forward to reviewing the webinar again to reallly absorb the information. Thank you from Toronto Canada!! 😊💛
Megan Stevens
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
It was great!!! Definitely learned/relearned a few things and it makes me excited to get back to work!! Thank you! ❤️

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